Pitching Yourself: Leah the Lego Intern

There are two schools of thought on presenting yourself to a potential employer.

1. Do something creative so they know you're creative.
2. Let your work speak for itself.

Normally, I recommend the latter (that's #2). I think it's better to spend your time coming up with great ideas you can put in your book than working on clever ways to introduce yourself. I've also seen very, very few students successfully pull off the former (that's #1).

This, however, is someone who got it right. Great idea. And because she's looking for a gig in account services, it's even more impressive/necessary. (And it doesn't hurt that her idea was picked up by Adweek.)

Side Project: yearbnb

My friend and former boss Kevin Lynch is currently the executive creative director of BBDO South China. Here's his pecha kucha presentation of a full-time side project: using airbnb to stay in different rooms throughout Hong Kong for a full year.

Yearbnb at Pecha Kucha from fifteen ideas on Vimeo.

Elmore Leonard on Writing

He's talking about fiction. But still applies to advertising. (The video's choppy, but worth listening to.)