A Little Post-Holiday Inspiration

Amy Markley is a copywriter at Tom, Dick & Harry. She was also one of my first students at the Chicago Portfolio School.

Here’s what I remember about Amy as a student:

  • She worked hard.
  • She asked good questions.
  • She listened.
  • She worked hard some more.

That’s about the closest any of us will ever get to a road map for a successful career.

Amy was in your shoes not too long ago - coming back to school after the holidays, trying to figure out how she was ever going to put her book together, wondering if she'd get a job after graduation.

Now, some ads Amy did with her art director, Candy Freund, are being featured in an upcoming issue of Archive.

I don’t remember all of my former students. But I do remember the hardest working ones. It’s hard not to. They’re the ones doing the best work.