Interview with Mike Gorz

A brief interview with Mike Gorz, Director of Creative Services at Y&R Chicago.

GRC: What do you tell a student who wants to get a job?

MG: I’d tell them to be smart about it. And by smart, I mean they should send a link or a PDF of their work.

GRC: Not a minibook?

MG: Not a minibook. A minibook is going to get lost or misplaced. Or a creative that I leave it with will lose it or get a burrito smeared on it. It’s so much better and easier to share electronic work with people. And with more people at once. You get some quicker reads. And if they do get the call and they do get the interview, they can bring their book and give us a little deeper dive and really spend some time on each of the ads, and explain things. That’s the time to bring in a book.

GRC: Is it more effective to send a link [to the recruiter] or to an ECD or a creative?

MG: It’s probably advisable to send it to both. Send it to me as the director of creative services, and to maybe a creative.

GRC: And what happens if they send a link and they get radio silence? Should they take that as a rejection, or should they pursue it?

MG: No. A little bit of persistence is always good. It is a busy business, and we don’t always have time to answer every email and talk to every person who calls. But a little polite, efficient persistence is always appreciated. Don’t stalk me.