Ads and Pots

Eons ago, when humankind first started making containers to store their water, they looked something like this.

They did exactly what they were supposed to do. Very functional. Innovations were made, but they were very functional innovations.

Somewhere along the line, someone decided to make them not only functional but decorative.

Form and function began to co-exist. But some artisans began to forget why they were making water containers. They began to focus more and more on the art.

People may have bought these. But not the people who needed to store water.

If you're going to make ads, they have to work. Yes, your ads can be beautiful. Yes, they can and should be creative. Yes, they can be art. But your ads have to be functional. Advertising has to do its job. Otherwise, it's not really advertising.

When you understand the function, you're free to experiment with the form. And that's when you can come up with something that's beautiful and surprising.