Who Will You Work For?

Within a matter of months, you students will have jobs. New jobs. Shiny jobs. Jobs of great potential. Although I'm sure you have a list of your preferred agencies, the right-place-right-time aspect of any job search pretty much guarantees that you have absolutely no idea where you'll end up.

But I don't think it's too early to decide for whom you'll be working. Will you work for...

  1. Your clients? Helping them build their brands.
  2. The agency? Helping it become a powerhouse (or maintain its status as one).
  3. Your creative director? Doing what he or she asks, and trusting them implicitly because you respect them.
  4. The money? Because you're finally making a decent paycheck.
  5. The glory? You're a legitimate creative now! You won't be entering your work into any student competitions.
  6. Other?

I've worked for a number of different agencies. But my boss has always been the same. Tell me who you think you should be working for, and I'll tell you who/what I work for. (No right or wrong answers. Except #4. That's not the right answer.)