Romancing Your Work

Take a look at this spot. It's about five minutes long, but you may enjoy it... - Watch more free videos

What are your thoughts? Take some time to think here before reading on. Seriously, think through what you liked and didn't like about this. Then read on...

Finished? Okay. Here are my thoughts:

Very cool idea. Fun. Would have been a blast to shoot. But I bet you felt there was something missing, didn't you? I sure felt it.

Did it go on too long? Probably. Editing is one thing they could have done better.

Was the acting off? Yep. These were obviously mostly amateurs. Some acted serious. Some acted over-the-top. There were some continuity problems. You can't say, "This is supposed to look like a serious war movie," and then say, "Have this lady look like she's really-really-serious in kind of a joke way."

What about the production? The costumes  were nice. There was some good detail there. But there weren't many camera angles were there? It was probably made by a really talented kid who's trying to build his reel. Good for him. Or her.

Right now, it looks very amateurish. But couldn't you see someone like Noam Murro or Brian Beletic taking this idea and winning big at Cannes with it? I think this spot just screams to be directed by Baker Smith. Who would you have wanted if this were your idea?

My point is that you have to continue to craft a great idea. Coming up with a great idea isn't an excuse to rest. It means you have even more work to do. Spend a little more time with the headline. Play with the layout just a little longer. Find the right director - not just a big name, but someone who really gets your idea. If it's a great idea, it deserves that much. And so do you.