Why are creatives disorganized?

There's something charming about the disheveled, disorganized creative with the wild hair, who can't find his way to meetings unless he's led by the hand, who shuffles in ten minutes late, wearing mismatched shoes, pulls a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and holds up a rough pencil sketch that knocks people out of their chairs with its brilliance.

That kind of creative makes a good character for books. But not an agency.

Creatives get the benefit of the doubt. They can sometimes get away with dressing like they're headed to a beach volleyball tournament instead of a client meeting. They can come to meetings late, misplace scripts, forget things. Their office can look like a tornado tore through it, and they can stroll into the office at 10:30. There's a popular stereotype of the creative genius who is and does all those things.

But check this out: that kind of stuff, while people may expect it, or make excuses for it, is not helpful. You want people to think you're brilliant for your work. That's a given. But being organized and put-together, showing up to meetings on-time, taking notes in meetings so you don't have to later ask the account person what was said--these are all very simple, very easy things to do. But they are things that people will appreciate. And because many of the creative stereotypes are true, if you are a creative with great ideas AND you have your shit together, you will stand out even more.