Final Post...?

You've completed our first quarter of the program. Congratulations. Most of you have multiple campaigns and the beginnings of a solid book. Double congratulations on that.

I've really enjoyed teaching this quarter. Again, I will say that there are more talented people in this class than I have ever seen in a single course at the Chicago Portfolio School. There's still a bell curve to this industry, but it looks like more of you are fighting your way to the winning end. Keep that up, because the competition (in Richmond, Miami, Atlanta, and even your own school) is not going to let up.

Please remember to send Troy your comments by this Thursday (9/20) so he can forward them to me. I'd like to know what you think I do well and what I can do better. While I welcome comments on class structure, I'm especially interested in how I can be a better creative director.

I've enjoyed keeping this blog. I'm willing to keep it up, provided there are sufficient numbers interested in it. If you'd like to continue to see posts, please drop me your comments. (Even if you're not in the Chicago Portfolio School.)

Lastly, if you haven't already, please check out my other blog, Archimedes' Tub. The basic premise is every month or so I interview an interesting person who's solved an unusual problem and see how we can apply that to our everyday lives. Bookmark it. Subscribe to it. Post comments on it. Tell you friends and family about it.

All the best. Enjoy the work. And work hard.