Thank you, Makin' Ads readers / Google Analytics

In addition to the posted comments, I've received several emails encouraging me to continue the Makin' Ads blog. I also attached Google Analytics to the page so I could see how many people were actually viewing it. That was a flattering eye-opener, and I'd like to give a special shout-out to the readers in Virginia, New York and Texas. Bless your hearts.

I've really enjoyed the last few months of posts. Sorting some of these thoughts has made me a better creative, and if you're getting something from them, too, we're all better off. Advertising's supposed to be fun. If I can contribute a little to the joyride, I'm honored.

So bookmark the site. Share it with your friends. Email me or post comments, questions or requests. And thanks again for your support and interest. New posts are on their way.