Indra Sinha and 3 Questions

“What idiot says that because it’s a paid for space, it has to be written in a paid for way, with a potato in the mouth, talking down to ‘you’? You can put absolutely anything you like in that space. You can write journalism. Neil Godfrey and I did a campaign for the Metropolitan Police. One of those was a skinhead spitting at a policeman. It won a lot of awards, but it wouldn’t have, had it been left to one of the people on the jury who is a very famous English art director, well known for being a dumb blonde, who said, this isn’t advertising, this is journalism. To which I say, thank you very much, that’s the best compliment that you could have paid me, it’s far better than that Pencil you gave me.”
Indra Sinha

1. If this ad were yours, would you put it in your book? Why or why not?
2. Do you think this ad would win awards today? Why or why not?
3. Can you explain what "a potato in the mouth" means? Why or why not?