When you look for a job, are you going to look as a team? Some people do, and there can be big advantages to this:

1) You presumably know, like, and work well with person with whom you're job-hunting. So you won't go into your first gig and get partnered up with a douchebag.

2) It's easier for an agency looking to fill a team position to just hire a good team, rather than hiring an art director and copywriter separately and just hoping they work well together.

3) If you're looking to get a job overseas, it's much easier to get a job as a team in most countries. It's a legal thing, but basically boils down to this: In most countries, to hire a foreigner, the employer must successfully argue that the foreigner provides a service or skill that no citizen of the country possesses. This is easier to argue with a team.

If you are searching for a job as a team, it makes sense to market yourself as a team. Create a team book, and get a team website ( It's okay if not all the work was done by both team members, but be clear and upfront about who did what.

A good creative team is like a good marriage. It's a hard partnership to come by, sometimes a lot of work to keep together, but really excellent when it works out.