Summer Reading

I am always reluctant to recommend portfolio school students read anything other than the annuals (One Show, CA, D&AD, etc.) for a couple of reasons:
  1. You can never study the annuals too much. Especially at this stage of your career. There's always new, fresh work to see, and you can learn a ton from work that was done 10 years ago.
  2. Advertising isn't theory. You learn to make good ads by making lots and lots of them. Not by reading about them.
That said, Jim and I have a new sidebar on the homepage for books we recommend. If you're looking for some industry-related summer reading, check it out. If you have questions or want more details on any of the books listed, post a comment and we'll respond.

We're also curious to know which books you've found most helpful in your pursuit of the perfect portfolio. So there's a new poll on the homepage you should check out. Leave comments, too. We'd love to know which books you've found useful and why. If you've got some good suggestions, we'll probably read them, too.