Stay Involved in the Whole Process

The power of the art director/copywriter team is that throughout the creative process, there are two brains working together instead of just one. But for some reason some agencies separate the duties a little more when it comes to production. Both partners go to the edit, but the art director handles the film transfer (or grading) and the writer handles the audio record and mix alone.

If you find yourself at an agency like this, I'd encourage you to stay involved as much as possible. Go to the edit, and the mix, and the transfer. If you're an art director, be at the voice-over session, and be on the call with the music house. If you're a writer, look at the proofs when the retouchers bring them in. Give input on the font if you have an opinion about it.

The creative process doesn't stop when you move into production, and I always find it helpful to have another brain in the room. In the production I just wrapped up, my art director actually listened to all 250 voice-over auditions to help choose a voice. It was a great help. And when you're involved in the process, you learn more. Any time you have that opportunity, you should take it.