Your real asset

I left portfolio school with what I think was a pretty solid book. But the real asset I left with was the network of my peers.

People I used to go to movies with and make waffles with and go to karaoke bars with and laugh really hard with and stay up really late trying to do better ads while downing a box of Krispy Kremes with now work in almost every major market in America at places like Goodby, GSD&M, DDB, Fallon, Publics, david&goliath, Burnett, BBDO, Chiat/Day, Crispin and Vitro/Robertson. Most hold leadership positions, and I'm pretty sure collectively, we've won every major award out there. It's good company.

If you haven't decided whether or not portfolio school is for you, consider the fact that I haven't needed my student book in almost a decade. But I keep in touch with these people very frequently.